Are you growing where you are planted?

This beautiful rose in my mommy’s garden at home reminds me of my roots. No matter where you are now, you can never forget where it all began. How the good Lord has kept you and helped you till today. Just like the Psalmist says, as long as we’re in a close relationship with ourContinue reading “Are you growing where you are planted?”

What will you choose?

Genesis 13:1-18 Will you choose like Lot who looked up and saw the well watered plains of the Jordan? Or will you wait on the Lord with your head bowed down until you hear Him say “lift up your eyes” like He did to his friend Abraham? Would you choose for yourself like Lot orContinue reading “What will you choose?”

The call of God

God called Adam “Where are you?”Genesis 3:9 It is interesting to note that it was God who called for Adam. It was God who came seeking for him. Adam was hiding in shame. It was God who covered him. God is calling us patiently. His call may be unexpected. But the question is is doContinue reading “The call of God”

Trust in God’s providence

Are you depending on the circumstances around you to trust in God? These verses remind us that God is in control in spite of what we can see around, what we are experiencing in our lives.If there is suffering in this world we know that it is because of sin. Habakkuk learned that “the righteousContinue reading “Trust in God’s providence”

God knows every heart ❤️

“Lord you know everyone’s heart…”. Acts 1:24 There is nothing we can hide from our God. He knows everything about us. The Lord searches the hearts and minds of everyone. God looks at the heart. (1 Sam 16:7) God knows the heart of all men. (1Ki 8:39) The Lord weighs the heart. (Pr 21:12) GodContinue reading “God knows every heart ❤️”

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