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Jeremiah 2:2

“I remember the devotion of your youth”….

The word devotion mention in this verse, in Hebrew, refers to the most intimate degree of loyalty, love and faithfulness that can exist between two people or between an individual and the Lord.

If we reflect on our own lives, of the time we first heard the gospel and accepted the Lord Jesus as our personal Saviour and now. We need ask ourselves “do we still have the same loyalty love and faithfulness we had then”? Or like the people of Israel have we wandered away from God?

God compared Israel to a bride. Early in her history Israel had enjoyed a close and cordial relationship with the Lord who is often figuratively described as Israel’s husband. But later God’s people forsook him and loved “foreign gods” tragically abandoning their first love. They followed “worthless idols”.

Israel was holy to the Lord. They were set apart for the Lord and for His service. So also God has set us apart for His glory. Just as the “best of the first fruits” of Israel’s crops were to be brought to the Lord so also the people themselves were his first and choicest treasure.

What a privilege to know that God in his grace has chosen as to be His children even though we are Gentiles and undeserving of his love and mercy.

Thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ who paid the debt of all our sins on the cross and redeemed us with his precious blood.