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Your way Lord not mine

Show me your way Lord,
Not my own accord.
Let every step I take,
Strong my feet make.

Tho the path be narrow,
And in life joys less than sorrow,
With you I find comfort.
Relying on your every word.

Lose sometimes I may the road,
Remind me through your Word.
Let me the world decline,
Lead the way Lord, I will follow behind.


The call of God

God called Adam “Where are you?”
Genesis 3:9

It is interesting to note that it was God who called for Adam. It was God who came seeking for him.
Adam was hiding in shame. It was God who covered him.
God is calling us patiently. His call may be unexpected. But the question is is do we answer his call? And when we do, do we complain like Adam?
Calling out to God only when we need Him is not trust.
When God calls He will fulfill His  promise and purpose. Just like he did with Abraham.
Sometimes like Samuel we may not know that it is God who is calling us. Like Saul on the way to Damascus we may ask “Who are you Lord?”
But when we realise it is God calling our reaction should be swift like blind Bartimaeus, who threw his cloak aside, which was possibly his only possession, jumped to his feet, indicating full joy and trust that Jesus would heal him, and came to the Lord.
In 2 Peter 1:3 we read that God has called us by his own glory and goodness. Glory expresses the excellence of His being – His attributes and essence. Goodness depicts excellence which is expressed in deeds – virtue in action.

  • God has called us to LIVE IN PEACE (1 Corinthians 7:15).
  • We are called to be SAINTS (Romans  1:7).
  • God has called us OUT OF DARKNESS (1 Peter 2:9).
  • God has called us to one HOPE.(Ephesians  4:4).
  • We are called THROUGH ONE GOSPEL. (2 Thes 2:14).
  • And we are called to his ETERNAL GLORY! ( 1 Peter 5:10)

  • Have you answered God’s call yet?

    Trust in God’s providence

    Are you depending on the circumstances around you to trust in God? These verses remind us that God is in control in spite of what we can see around, what we are experiencing in our lives.
    If there is suffering in this world we know that it is because of sin. Habakkuk learned that “the righteous in God’s sight live by faith”. (Hab 2:4) This verse has been repeated so many times in the new testament making us ponder, go deep into its meaning.
    To live is to exist, to dwell, to stay for a long time. It’s like chewing your favourite candy hoping it will never end.

    We need to trust in God’s providence regardless of circumstances. In spite of nothing we need to rejoice in the Lord for He is eternal. What we see around us is for a while. The strength the Lord gives is sure footed confidence like that of a deer.

    God has blessed us with so much yet we we years for more. Let us trust in the One who provided for His people in the desert. The one who heard Jonah’s cry in the belly of the fish. The one who raised Lazarus from the Dead. 

    Thank God you are alive and will live for eternity in his presence one day because of his Son Lord Jesus Christ! Praise the Lord!