Be still…

God’s plans for us are well known to Him. Sometimes we may unknowingly or even knowingly go against His plan, but by God’s grace He will guide us back.

As I’ve been studying about prophet Elijah since a few days, I’m reminded as to how even after literally bringing down from heaven, he ran for his life thinking that he was the only prophet of the true God remaining alive.

I love the way God speaks to Elijah… In a still small voice!!!
(Refer to 1 Kings 19:12)
Not in the strong wind, nor the earthquake or even the fire but in a still small voice.

For Elijah to hear God speaking to him in a still small voice he first had to be silent and still himself. That’s exactly what God wants us to be – STILL & SILENT. Only then will we be able to hear God speak to us.

Elijah finally learns that he’s not alone. In fact God had kept safe 7000 people who remained faithful to Him.

So if you’re facing a mountain of a problem ahead or even a tiny one just be still and let the Lord handle it!

Have a wonderful day! God bless…!😇😊💕🙏🙌


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