God knows every heart ❤️

“Lord you know everyone’s heart…”. Acts 1:24

There is nothing we can hide from our God. He knows everything about us. The Lord searches the hearts and minds of everyone.

God looks at the heart. (1 Sam 16:7)

God knows the heart of all men. (1Ki 8:39)

The Lord weighs the heart. (Pr 21:12)

God tests our hearts. (1 Thes 2:4)

The heart in the Bible refers to man’s innermost center of conscious life. So God searches, examines and knows our hidden character, thoughts and motives even though we may hide them from those around us. The heart is the center of the human spirit from which spring emotions, thoughts, motivations, courage and action. So trust that God knows and understands you more than anyone in this world because he is your Creator.
Jesus knew the intention of the poor widow who gave everything she had to God.
If you’re on a journey to be in deeper communion or fellowship with God be warmly reminded that God sees your actions and knows your heart. So be confident in all that you do! 💕


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