1. CONFESS – Repentance is the first step of Christianity. You have to first realise that without God you are nothing, without God you can do nothing. It is only by God’s grace we can be saved. Conviction of sin leads to confession. (Acts 2:38)

2. LOVE – Once we know God we learn to LOVE Him (1John 4:8) because God himself is Love. His love is eternal and pure. Our love for God is within our understating, limited to a certain extent. Because God loves us we can love others.

3. OBEY – If we truly love God we will obey Him. ( John 14:15) If anyone obeys God’s Word, God’s love is truly made complete in him.(John 2:5) If we claim to obey God’s Word we must act and live according to it.

4. RELY – If we love and obey God, we will rely upon Him and trust in Him at all times. Especially during the bad and difficult times. At times we may falter but God is ever ready to accept us when we go back to Him.

May God give you and me His grace to stand firm till the very end.


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