God’s time- Wait for it!

He has made everything beautiful in it’s time. (Eccl 3:11)

Our gracious God knows our past, present and future. We can rest in His loving care knowing that he is with us at all times. He has planned out each day for us according to His will. Our Heavenly Father knows what is best for us. He provides us all our needs abundantly. And most importantly He gives us His grace to wait upon Him.

The nation of Israel waited 400 years to be free from slavery!

The fall of Babylon came 66 years after the prophet Habakkuk prophesied!

Though we may have to linger, God’s appointed time is unknown. But we know that He keeps His word. (Ps 40:1-3)

Those who hope in the Lord will not be disappointed. (Isa 49:23)

Set your eyes on the Lord and not on the circumstances. And keep the faith!


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